It all started in 1974 in the garage of milkman Staf Van Gils and his wife Roosje. After he finished his milk route he made artisanal ice-cream with a small ice-cream machine. Not much later he traded his milk wagon for a freezer wagon. Soon Staf became a household name with his company Ijsklokje in the Belgian Kempen and the province of Antwerp. The delicious ice-cream of Ijsklokje, which is still manufactured in Weelde, was popular within many households. The door-to-door formula proved to be such a success that more and more Ijsklokje wagons went on route.

During the calm winter months Staf went to the Netherlands. At first to befriended home service companies. After a while (1985) he came in touch with large users and developed our famous MOUSSE DESSERT. Around the 90’s he developed sugar free ice-cream and in the process started a new brand: “Van Gils Creaties”. The markets were split in the Home Service market (Ijsklokje) and the Foodservice market (Van Gils Creaties).


Since 2013 the company sails under a new flag: Van Gils

The addition ‘Creaties’ was replaced by the more internationally ‘Sweet Creations’. The company is also active abroad, both in foodservice and retail.

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